The Priestess High
prickly pear, jalapeno simple syrup & lime juice with Don Julio Blanco tequila

Whiskey Summer (vegan)
lemon, simple syrup & aquafaba with Maker's Mark whiskey

Sir Charles
lemon, basil & tonic with Hendricks Gin

The Hedonist
lime & house made vanilla syrup with Pyrat Rum and garnished w/ a lime

The Beast White
Reap & Sow cold brew, housemade vanilla syrup, Tito's Vodka & cream garnished with a cinnamon stick

Reap and Sow Coffee began with two friends, Luke and Lance opening Driftwood Coffee in Old Town Peoria, AZ. Driftwood is not just a coffee shop, it’s a community, and that is exactly what is being replicated at Reap & Sow, inside of  one of the most storied music venues in Phoenix, The Rebel Lounge.

The idea that we can create a space for people to drink, dine, and exist together in is something we are proud to provide. We love supporting other coffee shops and roasters, so our beans come  from various places around the nation. Because of this, you’ll always have the choice between a locally (AZ local) and a nationally roasted coffee.

We reap what we sow, sow love.